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Can the hungry go on a hunger strike? Non-violence is a piece of theatre. You need an audience. What can you do when you have no audience? People have the right to resist annihilation.

Arundhati Roy on the Naxalites, India’s Maoist revolutionaries  

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This is historic…America’s first African-American President speaking just now at the memorial for Nelson Mandela, the first African-American President of South Africa.

—my local news anchor, making the same mistake for the second time, having already lamented the death of south africa’s first african-american president

Geraldine Finn | “Why Althusser Killed His Wife” | Why Althusser Killed His Wife: Essays on Discourse and Violence

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Can’t anyone fix this economy?

But don’t you see? It’s already been fixed. Just not for you.

America: We’re Fucking Poor & We’re Fucking Scared

The Washington Post has done a poll that shows lower-income workers are terrified they will lose their awful jobs. Then it interviewed one of those workers, who commutes three hours a day for $5.25 an hour:

"I can’t save money," he said recently, "to buy the things I need to live as a human being."

Drag King Mao

Chen is now estranged from her husband, who reportedly “couldn’t cope living with Mao”.”

fran lebowitz—a new shero—on ‘homosexuality’: 

Audience member: Do you consider gay rights to be part of the civil rights conversation?

Fran: First of all, I don’t think these things are alike the way other people do. I think there’s always been a difference between these things. There’s a difference between being marginalized and being oppressed. I know…I know…every bad thing! Believe me. I’m not saying it’s nothing. I’m just saying: it’s not slavery. OK? It’s not the same thing.

In my lifetime it’s inconceivable that’s even gotten to the point where people use the word ‘gay.’ That’s progress, by the way. I mean, if you like the word. I personally don’t use it in private.

But, I mean, do I think that gay marriage is progress? Are you kidding me? Like, this was one of the good things about being gay.

Like…I mean, I am stunned that the two greatest desires, apparently, of people involved in gay rights’ movements is gay marriage and gays in the military. Really?

To me it seems like these are the two most confining institutions on the planet: marriage and the military. Why would you be, like, beating down the doors to get in? Usually a fight for freedom is a fight for freedom; this is like the opposite. You know? This is like a fight for slavery. I find it completely shocking.

I mean if it was on the ballot here I’d vote for it because I know people want it, but personally—not me. Nor do I want to go in the army. I mean, people used to pretend to be gay to get out of going into the army.